October 28, 2020

“They need to breathe properly”; the practice of self-medication with antibiotics for viral respiratory tract infections.

Neusa Torres

While self-medication is a component of self-care, self-medication with antibiotics (SMA) is one of the major forms of antibiotics misuse. Common cold, sore throat and flu-like symptoms are infectious syndromes causing viral respiratory tract infections (RTI) for which symptoms usually resolve within seven to ten days without antibiotic treatment. However, these symptoms may prompt patients to make use of their health rationales and therapeutic itineraries to immerse themselves in practices of SMA.


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Neusa Torres C

About Neusa Torres

Female Mozambican National Anthropologist & Master’s in Public Health – UEM, Mozambique PhD – University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa Researcher: Health Anthropology, Public Health, Health Promotion Work: Higher Institute for Health Sciences (ISCISA), Mozambique Research interests: Medical Humanities & Public Health
  • Social Representations of Health and disease
  • Health Seeking behaviour
  • Medicine use and abuse
  • Child Health
  • Evidence Synthesis research methods
Currently working on Medicine use and abuse and the practices of self-medication with antibiotics