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October 23, 2020

The Healing power of breath and meditation Visualized

Bongi Bengu

The healing power of breath and meditation visualised.

The artworks entitled The Wheel Series (The Wheel I-III), Bodymap and Initiation all are inspired by my spiritual journey and daily meditations rooted in India. The symbols refer to “the chakras” or the energy centres of the body. Through regular meditation, one aligns these centres- thereby creating feelings of peace, harmony and bliss.

A sanscrit word “wheel”, a chakra is an energy centre of the body. It is called a wheel because it turns. The seven major chakras represent the organs in the subtle body, and when operating efficiently they spin around but when blocked the chakras may become sluggish which will affect a person’s wellbeing. The speed at which they turn affect your well-being.  Each chakra has a specific colour and connects to a specific organ. Soundly functioning chakras are important to physical wellbeing.

The chakras can be activated by breath-work or meditation.  When you breathe properly you provide your body with enough oxygen to activate your heart to provide all organs and indirectly chakras with energy. Oxygen is the fuel for your body. When you fill your body, you allow your heart rate to slow down enabling you to go into a meditative state. You connect to your subconscious mind and thereby allow yourself to hear your inner voice and deepest needs. Once in a meditative state, one more easily access one’s creativity.

Colour Position in body

  • Violet and white Top of head
  • Indigo Between eyes
  • Blue Neck
  • Green  Centre of chest
  • Yellow Below the sternum
  • Orange Hand-breadth below the navel
  • Red Perineum


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Bongi Bengu C

About Bongi Bengu

Bongi Bengu was born in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, grew up in exile, in Geneva, Switzerland and studied at that International School of Geneva in Switzerland and later Waterford Kamhlaba, United World College in Swaziland. Bengu later enrolled and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree at Mount Vernon College, in Washington DC, and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from The University of Cape Town and has since participated in numerous international residencies and workshops. She has received awards and scholarships from Mount Vernon College, Washington DC, USA; Standard Bank, South Africa; University of Cape Town; The National Museum of African Art Washington DC. In February 2018 she exhibited at the Harlem Arts Festival, New York. Locally she exhibited at Durban Art Gallery in “SA Art 21 Years after Democracy”; “Identity-Cohension” Grahamstown Festival in 2015. Previous to that, she has exhibited at the Chicago Arts Festival, Chicago; Friends Stuttgart, Germany. In 2007 she participated in Possibilities, Mumbai; India. Other exhibition include ‘A decade of Democracy: Witnessing South African Art, Boston Massachusetts USA; “Ten Years of Freedom Contemporary South African Art” Georgia USA. Other exhibitions have been In Berlin, Germany; Switzerland; University of Illinois, USA; London and throughout South Africa. She has been granted residencies in Kenya; Ghana; Switzerland; USA; UK; Kenya and Zambia all at prestigious institutions. She is included, among others in the following Collections, McDonalds,Chicago, USA:
  • De Beers, Johannesburg
  • Sandton Civic Gallery, Johannesburg
  • Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, USA
  • Musée De la Civilisation, Québec, Canada
  • Department of Arts & Culture, Pretoria
  • The Spier, Stellenbosch
  • SABC, Johannesburg
  • Rand Merchant Bank, Johannesburg
  • Canton of Solothurn Government Offices, Switzerland
  • Nandos Art Collention, London
  • Van Den Ende Collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • South African High Commission, Maseru, Lesotho