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November 9, 2020

The Dance between Breath & Death

Naledi Mokoena

The Dance between Breath & Death is a collaborative instillation between the Digital space, the Arts and the Social Sciences. This project is a sensory experience that uses sound and imagery to zoom into the relationship between breath, death (and grief). While breath is a core element of human life, as people we frequently take it for granted. Following a recent experience of death (specifically the death of a parent), one of the researchers observed that her unconscious engagement with breath resulted in heightened anxiety and unease. As time progressed, she reflected and found that conscious engagement with one’s breath can assist in maintaining aliveness even in times of grief. The journey of one’s process of grief is shared and the importance of breath brought to light. Through this explorative project, the team intends to shine a spotlight on breath with the aim of facilitating healing in times of death (and grief).

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Naledi Mokoena

About Naledi Mokoena

Naledi Mokoena – Project Lead & Researcher Palesa Lebona – Content Creator Themba Nsusha – Digital Thandi Ntuli – Sound Design This is a collaboration between South African-based professionals in the Arts, Digital and Psychology space. Following her passion for human development, Naledi Mokoena works as a clinician in Private Practice. She is also a Lecturer in Psychology and is currently delving into research around social connection and communication. Palesa Lebona is an award-winning filmmaker who provokes thought and drives dialogue about human issues through education and entertainment. She runs a digital-video marketing company; and offers her knowledge as a part-time Lecturer. Themba Nsusha is a futurist that believes in the power of technology to solve real world problems. He works as the Product and Services Unit Director at one of South Africa’s leading black digital marketing agencies. Thandi Ntuli is multi-award winning South African musician who is fast making an imprint globally. She is the founder of Ndlela Music, through which she has released three albums. She has collaborated with several notable global artists.