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November 13, 2020

Lockdown Diaries

Antony Kaminju

A visual journey of finding how some individuals adapted their lives around Lockdown. Human beings are used to routine, so what happens when that routine is suddenly disrupted? When confined at home how do you adapt to that limited space? How do you find new ways to breathe?

Driven by curiosity I called on couple of people that I know, just ordinary people in Society. So this is a visual journey of selected few who were brave enough to allow me into their space exploring how they were coping with Lockdown:

  • Masimba Sasa- a Photographer who was waiting for Visa to travel to join his family who were out of the country
  • Prof David Coplan who had to walk his dogs early mornings before day break.
  • Dwayne Kapula- A DJ who had planned entertainment events just before Lockdown but had to cancel
  • Nikiwe- Owner of Nikis restaurant in Newtown. It’s a busy spot for jazz artists and most of the events had to be cancelled.
  • Sifiso Ntuli- owner of Bantu Roving Kitchen. Since no restaurant was to be open, he opened his space as a soup kitchen area and through donations he offered food to the neighbours who lacked.
  • Tumi Mogorosi- a Drummer and composer. He was to travel to Europe for a tour set for most of the year but had to be cancelled.
  • Makgati Molebatsi- An Art Entrepreneur. She was to host a an art exhibition which had to be cancelled.
  • Nozuko Madokwe- Conceptual artist and Educator at her residence in Melville.



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Anthony Kaminju

About Antony Kaminju

Antony Kaminju is a Kenyan Multimedia Producer, writer and a skilled Photography Trainer.  Kaminju has diverse experience in the Media and as an educator. He has previously worked as the Photographic editor of the Nation Media Group Nairobi, Kenya. His work has widely been published by Reuters, BBC, EPA, Sunday Times and Africa News TV.  He continues to consult as a Documentary trainer at the Market Photo workshop-Johannesburg, University of Witwatersrand, and Johannesburg University.  Kaminju’s photographic work has been exhibited widely and is under permanent collection by AFD- French Development Agency.  He is also an experienced digital content publisher familiar with content management systems and other publishing tools. In this capacity, he has managed digital content for a continental TV channel.