Creative Work

November 11, 2020

Imagination power

Nixon Malamulo


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Nixon Malamulo

About Nixon Malamulo

Nixon uses impasto dimensioning and raw rich saturated colors. He approaches impressionist inspired pointilism with both brush and knife. His figurative work borrows heavily from techniques characteristic of post-impressionism. He started the Nthililo Studios Art Gallery and School (NSAGAS) in 2011 with a chief objective of training the youths in visual arts skills free of charge as one way of uplifting their living standards through self- employment creation in order to eradicate poverty among the youths. His early encounters with art date back to late 70’s when he was living with Aubrey Moi, a visual artist with Halls Garage and Malawi Motors Limited and Malawi Milk and marketing as a Sign-writer. In the early 90’s he met Kato, also known as Fwande, a Congolese artist who taught him impressionism and abstract techniques. His gestural abstract work is highly visceral and emotive – with raw lines and fragmented colors. Nixon has won the International Excellency Arts Awards 2020 by Colors&Canvas in India, Unique Visual Arts Education Leadership Skills development from the Rainseekers Arts in Education Conservation (RSAILER). In 2017, he featured in Tiyende Magazine. His paintings have been published in the Imango Mundi book. He represented Malawi at World Art and Soul Project in New Zealand, aimed at reducing poverty in the least developed countries of Asia and Africa.