November 11, 2020

Food Breath and the Anthropocene

Desiree Lewis

In this autobiographical presentation, I reflect on my motivations in exploring food studies in ways that focus on expansive ideas about human freedoms and connectedness to non-humans and the environment. By invoking breathing as both metaphor and action, I reflect on how postshumanist academic discourses may be stifling knowledge, feelings and ways of being that guide reciprocal and healing connections among human bodies, and between human and non-human.

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Desiree Lewis

About Desiree Lewis

Desiree Lewis is a professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the University of the Western Cape. Her fields of interest include feminist and sexuality studies and literary and cultural studies. Her recent collaborative and personal research focuses on  critical food studies, and she is currently the PI of a Programme funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation titled “Critical Food studies: Transdisciplinary Humanities Approaches” .