Young and Curious

November 6, 2020

Elethu Nkala

Elethu Nkala

You hypocrites! you can forecast the weather by judging the appearance of earth and sky. But for some reason you don’t know how to judge the times in which you’re living.

Luke 12:56 Gods word Translation

The conquest of humanity has led him to the moon the stars and the deepest depths of the ocean and forest. To hold the sun in our hands would be a project of humanity given our drive. Yet we still have dialogues about the rife poverty that cloaks our people.

These projects come at a cost and sacrifice of the very same environment that houses all of. They come at the cost of the toils of men and women who create wealth they will never enjoy. Where are we looking, what is our common ground? Is there work that is more important than other work and who is it by for who.



Deep into the ocean we keep going. Somewhere in the desert we keep going. All around we see one substance. Avoid of some kind, yet we still find our way home. I guess we have a navigator in us. As long as we are still breathing we strive to get to the point we can call home so that we can keep breathing and inspiring. Or maybe get back to business and punchline our conversations with puffs of cigarettes and other smokable.

For the man in the desert it could be the first sight of civilisation or the illusions induced by the scorching heat. For as long we keep going the breath of our thoughts will tell us to move on. Maybe in this direction we can find home. The wind will blow our sails and we catch a breath hear and then when we feel our lungs are not doing enough. The blood and bones of fallen men and women, mammals and reptiles in the hands of nature and the ignorance of conquest of men supports our boats and keep our feet above surface.

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About Elethu Nkala

The Pivot Collective is a non-profit based in Cape Town committed to collaborative knowledge production, knowledge translation and the decolonization of research. In 2019, we invited a group of 12 young people from Cape Town (recruited through an open call for participants) to collaborate on a project focused on challenging dominant narratives and perceptions of mental health and emotional well-being. The project, called Young & Curious, uses arts-based, participatory methodologies to support young people tell their own stories, define what matters to them, and communicate this to wider audiences. Together we have created an experimental space where young people, and the young-at-heart, work together to explore and deconstruct ideas of mental health and emotional wellbeing and to spark critical conversations between young people, academic researchers, artists, engagement practitioners, and service providers that shift hierarchies of knowledge and research cultures.