Creative Work

October 30, 2020

Compositions for the Breaths We Take – Video-series

Naledi Holtman

This project consists of a video of 09:57 minutes, comprising eight shorter clips in series. The image that forms the visual basis for the video is an interpretive ink painting of a minute of breath, where a dampened page would be dotted with ink with each out-breath in a minute. Being guided by this, the video series features the movement of this representation of breath in various visual compositions and is voiced through the processing of Pixelsynth, that has been used to generate sound directly from these visual representations. The layering of these components has given rise to a video series that engages the visual and the sonic in unison and brings time along in this stream of investigation. Through the use of media such as painting and Western classical music structures in different and unconventional ways, the series aims to expand our perception of such media and of the visual and sonic by combining these sensory perceptions. The series also aims to bring our awareness to the breath, its invisibility, its synonymity with the present moment and how thoughts of its accumulation as a representation of life could encourage us to think differently about our experience of time.

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Naledi Holtman C

About Naledi Holtman

My name is Alexandra-Naledi Holtman and I am currently studying Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. My practice and field of study this year have focused on exploring that which is unseen but fundamental to the human experience. This exploration has heightened the links that can be observed between the intangible nature of stars, atoms, air, history and ancestors. These concepts and parts of our being are meeting points of both imagination and scientific analysis as they provide inspiration for the stories that underpin our existence, from fairytales and folklore, to academic literature. My aim is to use the tools of sound and visuals to explore these relationships and fundamental aspects of our existence in ways that transcend the mundane and thus allow a space of reflection and potential realisation.