November 5, 2020

Breathing Back to The Future with Oxygen Advantage

Billy Carr

Born in 1960 in a rural part of County Cork in Ireland. A new, baby breathing to perfection. Throughout the passing years mystery illnesses started to be more common. Causes of the diseases always seemed hard to establish and funding of research was vital. Modern medicine made significant progress with development. Did these changes affect prevention? 1995 to 2016 is potentially the period where my breathing changed. Mystery illnesses continued to increase.   In 2007 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and introduced to a daily routine of medication. When hit with a second health issue in 2016 the mind wonders what is to follow. Since the beginning of 2016 has been a time of huge personal change and education for me. Oxygen Advantage played a central role ridding me of old beliefs and replacing with new. Who is this new person that has taken over my body and thinks has he found a way to reverse the body’s illnesses? It is interesting to examine what breathing is doing for body and mind including potential for disease reversal. Everything in moderation is a statement that never grows old.

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Billy Carr C

About Billy Carr

Billy Carr from County Cork in Ireland worked and managed the family seafood business for over 40 years. Having sold the business in 2017 I carried on as operations manager to ensure smooth transition until leaving in May 2019 to bring change to my life. Having been diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2010 and prostate cancer in 2016 both resulting from a weak immune system I wanted to have less stress in my life. I underwent a transitional year where I completed an Ironman, completed a QCI level 6 train the trainer, qualified as Life Coach, a Chi Running Instructor and an instructor in teaching Oxygen Advantage which is a scientifically proven method of breathing to improve performance I am now offering coaching/mentoring to organisations/individuals using a common, sense approach to find common sense solutions. These solutions come from a combination of life experience and studying the consequences of life. I aim to offer fresh hope and fulfilment to my clients. My presentation to the Breath : Inspire/Expire Symposium aims to share my fresh views and provoke thought and discussion within medical professionals and potentially inspire those professionals to great achievements. Billy Carr has no medical qualifications and it is important to clarify the first advice given to any clients with medical conditions is follow the professional medical advice first.