Creative Work

October 19, 2020

Breath from archives / memories

Antony Kaminju

COVID19 has brought about unusual terms such as social distancing which has flipped our lives upside down.  Our inherent desire to socialize has been disrupted. Most of the public spaces were shut down with little sign of life and even if some are opening up, they are a pale shadow of what they were. My approach here is to dig deep into my image archives, photographs that I have made in recent past in social spaces where we all mingled and embraced each other, no masks sanitizers, no fear of contact.

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Anthony Kaminju

About Antony Kaminju

Antony Kaminju is a Kenyan Multimedia Producer, writer, and a skilled photography trainer. Kaminju has diverse experience in the media and as an educator. He has previously worked as the photographic editor of the Nation Media Group Nairobi, Kenya. His work has widely been published by Reuters, BBC, EPA, Sunday Times, and Africa News TV. He continues to consult as a documentary trainer at the Market Photo workshop-Johannesburg, University of Witwatersrand, and Johannesburg University. Kaminju’s photographic work has been exhibited widely and is under permanent collection by AFD- French Development Agency. He is also an experienced digital content publisher familiar with content management systems and other publishing tools. In this capacity, he has managed digital content for a continental television channel.