Young and Curious

November 6, 2020

Aviwe Macothoza

Aviwe Macothoza

Shivers down my spine traveling all the way to my midriff,
Heart fluttering in my chest like it’s Daytona,
I feel my midriff in exertion, my knees frail as am pacing down the thoroughfare,
A fervent orison asking for sanctify shielding,
As I come to halt I make a recce of these streets paved with ferocious hearts,
As I come to halt I make a recce of these streets paved with desolation,
A fervent orison for my heart to mend from all the anguish,
Struggling to stand on my feet,
Asthenia attacking me all over my body preventing any possibility for me to catch my breath,
Slowly gathering my strength,
I found myself reminiscing about how he violated my rights when I couldn’t give him what he
wanted, I was reminiscing about how my life was dependending upon his hands,
I was reminiscing about how I saw my life flash in front of my eyes,
Suddenly I couldn’t catch my breath no matter how hard I try,
Shivers down my spine traveling all the way down to my spine.

Sisipho Filane


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About Aviwe Macothoza

The Pivot Collective is a non-profit based in Cape Town committed to collaborative knowledge production, knowledge translation and the decolonization of research. In 2019, we invited a group of 12 young people from Cape Town (recruited through an open call for participants) to collaborate on a project focused on challenging dominant narratives and perceptions of mental health and emotional well-being. The project, called Young & Curious, uses arts-based, participatory methodologies to support young people tell their own stories, define what matters to them, and communicate this to wider audiences. Together we have created an experimental space where young people, and the young-at-heart, work together to explore and deconstruct ideas of mental health and emotional wellbeing and to spark critical conversations between young people, academic researchers, artists, engagement practitioners, and service providers that shift hierarchies of knowledge and research cultures.