Creative Work

November 11, 2020

10 000 Stories

Lebohang Masango

The poem titled “10 000 Stories” is a celebration of the oral tradition in Africa and the existential philosophy of Ubuntu which originates from AbaNtu. The line “I go forth along, and stand as ten thousand” is from from Maya Angelou’s poem ‘To Our Grandmothers’ and adaptation is used as a refrain to highlight the importance of collaboration, cooperation and how essential they have been to our survival as people. It also highlights the importance of our stories and how, when preserved correctly, they become the history that outlives us and represents us with dignity.

The poem titled “The Word” or “John Chapter One, Verse One” is a celebration of the power of words, speaking and declaring life into existence. It considers the praise poetry of the clan names that African people have and my personal heritage as the daughter of freedom fighters whose fight was for the dignity and liberation of African people from the oppressions of white supremacist settler colonialism. My work continues their incredible work, through words.

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